I will start this article that I want to share with you on a page that I just met, I am new to the world of cryptocurrencies and as a good beginner I have looked for information in all forums, with different pages such as

-Coinbase: with it you can only buy and sell three cryptocurrencies: bitcoins, ethereums and litecoins

-Binance: the security of the binance is not the best since funds of approximately 7000 BTC were stolen so it does not make it a very doubtful page in the field of security

-Kraken: For me Kraken has its constant failures but it is a good Exchange, it should improve server crashes and I do not know if it is due to the high volume of records that have been inoperative with the get verified tab for centuries

-Bitfinex: I can say from my opinion that it is not a scam, but this portal has had several problems in the past that we should know about. Has Bitfinex recovered from these attacks on your platform? Is buying and selling crypto reliable with this provider? is what I wonder why I don’t find it very reliable

-Bitpanda: Like Coinbase, Bitpanda only has 5 cryptocurrency types Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple

-And finally, Coinmama has a purchase limit of a total purchase limit of 1,000,000 USD

Damecoins has more than 10 types of cryptocurrency at your fingertips

It offers high security in all purchases and sales made, and stop counting

Well, after that exhaustive internet search to see what suited me, I stayed with Dameconins and wanted to share with those who are starting in this world and those who are already inside but who may not know this page

This is Dameconsi.com; https://damecoins.com/comprar-btc/con-tarjeta-en-usd

The first thing you will notice is that you have a variety of languages ​​to visit the page.

I tried several to see if they really were in several languages ​​and yes, well actually I did not try them all but if more than 5 and indeed, English, Chinese, German, Russian and Spanish and they were actually in each of these languages ​​without counting that they present many others that you can review.

And that is an advantage for each country because it is in its native language.

Damecoins that has 20 types of cryptocurrency, and I can say that it offers high security in all purchases and sales made, I really recommend them


The page is very simple to use, you register and start buying and selling


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